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The satisfaction of mankind comes through the compassion and mercy of Jesus.

Agro Empowerment

FAEE’s goal is to improve quality of life for people living in African and other countries through empowering human resources with basic life skills needed in the world of work to foster high productivity and positive thinking and agricultural empowerment.

FAEE train students in Agricultural fields of Crop production, Animal production and Management, Agribusiness Management, Landscape Gardening and Human nutrition and Dietetics in partnership with IABC.

To offer Practical Education that matches the expectations of the world of work in Business and entrepreneurial skills and Cooperative Movement. FAEE in partnership with IABC aims therefore at creating skilled and enlightened human resources capable of solving the current and future societal problems. We are moving away from the education system that emphasizes excellent academic performance and increased credentials that has produced millions of non-performing citizens to the ones who apply their knowledge, skills and right attitudes in solving societal challenges.

We promote economic security in the community. Financial wisdom is lacking and millions are burying their heads ostrich-like position hoping that things will get better soon. They forget that the distance between them and what they want to be, is themselves.

To provide Psycho-social agricultural cognitive support and healthy living among our clients. Youth under- and unemployment, and gender discrimination, in food systems and value chains still exist, particularly at higher levels of food systems and value chains where they are mainly dominated by men. FAEE in partnership with IABC aims to address youth and gender challenges in food systems and agribusiness. Areas that we cover are three-fold; firstly, specifically seeking employment and/or business opportunities and acquiring entrepreneurial competencies. Secondly, unpacking household dynamics, cultural norms and biases, and how these create barriers for young women and men. Thirdly, applying a food systems model to enterprise specific contexts to better understand opportunities and constraints.

To engage in such other activities, not prohibited by law, as the board of Governors may from time to time determine.

  Human Formation and Activities

Our trainings in partnership with IABC are conducted to address the current needs and interests of the people.
Our training makes full utilization of local leadership either among students or communities so that the whole process is participatory to give room for sharing knowledge, experiences and skills.
The Foundation believes that the best way to Learn and become competent in a given career skills area is to learn by doing.
The Foundation believes that the family is the first social institution and therefore training approach should be such that the message reaches all the family members.

  Our Team & Staff

The Foundation comprises of 25 vocational and agro empowerment training staff excluding the Directors and occasional part time staffs that also give support to the Foundation whenever needed. We also have 10 Consultancy team members. The majority of the training staff members hold a minimum of Degrees in agriculture or veterinary. The others have good diploma papers. The Principal isa post graduate student in Educational Psychology. One of the partners is a holder of Masters Degree in Sustainable Agriculture and Rural Development. Thus, the Foundation is well equipped with highly competent training staff with the required knowledge, skills, and working experience.

  Creating a Better World

FAEE was established not only for agro empowerment and education, but also creating a better world through Capacity Building Training of human resources with a rich humanity, a high intellectuality and a broad range of knowledge.
FAEE believes that practical training makes her clients relevant in society because society is interested in what can work to solve their problems.
It is our believe that useful knowledge is important to all people, regardless of personal, social and economic characteristics, a reason why it has capacity building trainings even for the general community.
Quality assurance is ensured by the Management board, Principal, Heads of Department and the Foundation’s Legal Team. The Foundation also makes use of External and Internal Auditors to perform this function. The aim of Quality Assurance is to enhance the effectiveness of the Foundation’s nucleus activities. This helps to improve the training and research standards and quality of services in the organization.

Our Major Activities

Rehabilitation of the abused

We are determined to rehabilitate the less privileged and abuse people in our society.

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Care for the Less Privileged

We generously provide food and medical care for the aged, the poor and the sick.

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Human Formation Activities

We organize healthy Human Formation Activities for the confused and indecisive.

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Qualitative Education at All Levels.

We sponsor schools at all levels for all members of the public from primary to University.

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Creating a Supportive Environment

We create an African environment where everyone can find support, succor and solace.

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Promoting Agriculture in Our Society

One of our ultimate goals is to ensure food security for everyone in our society.

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